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Pool Sheds – Not Just a Luxury Item

Posted by on January 12, 2017

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This week I would like to discuss something close to my heart, namely, elegant Pool Sheds.

We tend to do a lot of living around our pool shed. From the obvious such as a place for pool toy storage, to a secure dry place for pool equipment and supplies that come with owning and operating an outdoor pool. From electric or gas heaters requiring venting, to a place for storing pool towels, we have allot to think about before even considering the interior.

In addition to the utilitarian uses for our pool sheds, it also tends to be a central point for socializing poolside. We dry off and change there, make drinks and prepare food (BBQs), and much more. The pool shed is a busy little beaver to say the least. Caroline and Daniel from Winnipeg have definitely made things work. “There’s plenty of room for things like towels, pool toys as well as tools such as the pool vacuum, strainers and other things we need to have handy,” says Caroline. Our whole family absolutely loves living poolside all summer long and I don’t think we would enjoy it quite as much without the pool shed

“Entertaining is one of our biggest pleasures. Outdoor cooking is made much easier with a fully stocked pantry and wet bar.” We had a change room and bathroom installed so there isn’t anymore of the back and forth between the pool area and the house. Organization is key to keeping the pool shed running smoothly.

Keeping Your Pool Shed Organized

Pool Shed or Studio?

Start by figuring out everything that you’re going to want to store in the shed. Then divide the space with partition walls and determine what rooms will be for what. Make sure there’s plenty of shelving everywhere and cupboards with drawers. Use the shelving as well as hooks and keep things off the floor. When you look up, it’s surprising how much room you’ll find.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes it just takes a year of day to day living to realize how we’re going to need the space organized. Temporary curtains will help physically divide the space and inexpensive stackable shelves are a great alternative. Once you’ve got a better idea as to how your going to be using the space, what items you’re using all the time and where you’d like things to be located, you can call back the contractors and have permanent walls, shelving and cupboards installed.

Mind Wasted Space

Depending on the size of your pool shed, you’ll have to be careful how you use your space. If you don’t have room for a walk in closet or cabinet consider sliding compartments with drawers, shelves and hanging polls.  Look around for space you might not normally consider usable. You’d be surprised how much you can store up in the rafters, or in shelves above or below pool equipment such as heaters and filters.  That’s where custom shelving is necessary – it’s hard to find something off the shelf at a home improvement center that’s going to fit in such particular locations.

Get rid of anything that you don’t use on a regular basis, and every spring when the pool is being opened, do a quick inventory of everything in your pool shed. Anything that you didn’t use last year, ditch it and put it somewhere else where you have more room.

If you’re a pack rat and find it hard to get rid of things – give this a whirl (aside from maybe taking medication). Clear everything out and organize it all into boxes labeled keep, don’t keep and maybe. This is a great method to help purge items we’re simply not using enough to justify them taking up valuable space in the pool shed.

Building Another Pool Shed

Dual Pool Sheds

Depending on your budget and property, an option is to just build another pool shed. It helps separate the two uses between the sheds. One is a “working” shed, while the other is for play. Cooking, entertaining, listening to music, making drinks, showering, playing games – all for the play pool shed – while the pool equipment such as pumps, filters, cleaners, chemicals and other utilitarian objects go in the work shed.

Mark & Lisa of Los Angeles added a second pool shed last summer and it’s been well worth the investment. “Now that we’ve had it for awhile, we don’t know how we ever lived without it,” says Lisa. “We both absolutely love it. We spend so much time out here, almost more then in the main house. We entertain friends and family, watch TV, swim of course and sometimes we even sleep out there.”

The advantage of having two sheds are pretty obvious, but beyond the extra space that it provides it adds value to your home, and it creates a great place to hang out and socialize all summer long, and if you have kids in the house still, it’s a great way to keep them close. After all why drive all the way out to the beach when you’ve got your own little personal oasis right in the backyard?

For more information and photos of some great pool sheds, visit Storage and Garden Sheds.

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