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How To Build A Chicken Coop

Posted by on July 5, 2014

Building A Chicken Coop Is A Breeze With This Great Guide

One of the most popular kinds of wooden shed structures these days is actually the humble chicken coop! More and more people are turning to organic food and they are also trying to save costs by becoming self-sufficient, and one of the best ways to get fresh eggs and chicken meat is to raise your own chickens. Of course, that means building a chicken coop to keep them in.

In this short review I will discuss one of the best-selling chicken coop construction guides available today – Building A Chicken Coop by Bill Keene.

The first thing that strikes you about this guide is that it’s very comprehensive. Every size of coop  is catered for with 3 very detailed sets of plans which cover building a small mobile coop, a medium sized one that will be suitable for most  people and also a large premium one if you have a bigger budget and space is not a limiting factor. The nice thing about the plans, however, is that no matter which design you plump for, you won’t have any problems actually building the thing.

I like background information when I’m building sheds; I believe that it helps you to understand why tasks are necessary and it helps you plan better and this is where Building A Chicken Coop really sets itself apart from the crowd. As well as the plans themselves, the guide contains over 70 pages of additional information that you need to know before you dive in and get started. The guide covers a every conceivable aspect of choosing a suitable breed of chicken, what the advantages and disadvantages of each breed are and how to care for them. This might seem like filler but its actually vitally important for you to get the best results from your new coop.

Its not just about building a chicken coop though

The guide also covers important aspects of operating and maintaining your coop, like where it should be positioned to protect your chickens from predators,  and how to build nesting boxes. Of course, it also covers where to buy the materials, how to get them for the best price and even how to save money on the entire build without compromising quality.  I have looked at several competing products and I can definitely state that Building A Chicken Coop is the best one available.

how to build a chicken coop


The plans themselves are well drawn and easy to follow. It’s obvious that they have been produced by a professional draftsman and they are full of helpful notes as well as a bill of materials to help you make sure that you have everything to hand before you start. As well as the blueprints, you are also given a series of step by step plans which, if you are a complete novice (or even a seasoned pro for that matter) are a great help when building a chicken coop.



Of course, the guide isn’t perfect. Some of the steps are a bit tricky for complete novices and some of the terms get a bit technical but, generally, it’s a good read and pretty easy to follow. Of course, if you really get stuck then you can always hop onto the support forum or send the author an e-mail  – Bill is very helpful and I have chatted with him on several occasions and I can say right away that he really knows his stuff.

One thing to watch out for when building the premium coop is that some of the steps will need two (or more) people, so make sure that you have someone that you can rope into the project. Having said that, most of the tasks can be done on your own so ‘borrowing’ a neighbour for a few minutes is often as much as you will need to do.


Building A Chicken Coop is great value for money. It’s the most comprehensive guide on the subject that I have ever come across and really leaves nothing out. At just $30 its great value for money and when you consider the added bonuses its really a bit of a no-brainier if you are looking to get into the world of organic chicken farming.

If you would like to buy a copy, or if you would like more information then

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