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The Secret of Getting Free Wood Storage Shed Plans

Posted by on November 10, 2014

When I decided to build my own shed I decided to do some research and, of course, if you have been following this blog then you will remember that,  with the help of different wood shed plans, I managed to come up with a great design. In the beginning, I had a look at different models and plans, but, to my frustration, I wasn’t able to find anything suitable. I did some research on the Internet for wood storage shed plans and I had a look at quite a few different products and websites.

Turns out, it was quite difficult to find free shed plans. I though it would just be a matter of surfing the net for a couple of minutes, find a nice free shed plan website and voila I could start building my wooden shed. Not so.

The problem with these plans is that I could not find any with a shed of my liking. Most of the free plans featured very dated models and I was looking for something bigger and more modern to build.

Another problem that I encountered with the free plans were the instructions provided; they were very difficult to figure out, and even for someone like me who is  a fairly experienced hand worker (don’t know if my wife would agree on this one ) I simply wasn’t  able to figure out how to build a shed easily and without causing myself some problems.

So it wasn’t as easy as I expected it to be. But, I’m not a quitter so I decided to keep looking and, I think, after about 6 hours off non stop surfing on the net looking for free plans I finally gave up.

It was only then that I actually came across some paid shed plans. Initially, I though that this would be way too expensive for my modest budget but, you know what,  I found that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. I was actually able (with a very small investment) to get my hands on some great shed plans, ones that were very easy to follow and made the job a lot easier.

Of course, if you are on zero budget or if you are just a tight-wad 🙂 then free wood storage shed plans are an alternative to paying but, really, in order to save yourself a lot of headache and trouble I would not recommend that you spend the time and effort required to put together a suitable set of shed plans using these free websites.  I’m very glad that I actually came across these other plans. It helped me big time to understand actually how to build my own shed. And thats got to be worth a couple of bucks.

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