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The Worlds Fastest Shed!

Posted by on August 16, 2015

We may like building shed fast here at but this guy has taken things to whole new level.

According to the BBC, “a gardener has completed an attempt to break the world record for the fastest shed.

Kevin Nicks, from Great Rollright, Oxfordshire, got bored with his Volkswagen Passat and converted it into a shed on wheels.

Earlier, his unusual vehicle was clocked at an average of 70.8mph over two 100m runs during a day of record attempts near York.

Mr Nicks, 50, said he was happy to have achieved his goal.

He will now submit his results to Guinness World Records, which will decide if he has officially broken the previous record of 58.4mph.

Mr Nicks, who is hoping to use the vehicle as advertising space, said: “It’s good to be getting the word out there, which will help as an advertising tool.

“I can say ‘advertise on the side of the world’s fastest shed’.”

It took Mr Nicks seven months to transform his car, using steel beams and timber, and create his shed on wheels.

It is legal to drive on the road and can reach speeds of almost 80mph, he said.”

You can read the whole amazing store here but, if your more interested in building a shed fast as opposed to making your shed go fast, then I suggest you take a look at these great shed plans.


Happy shedding!


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