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Why Every Good Gardener Needs A Garden Shed

Posted by on October 17, 2017

One of my favorite hobbies is trying to grow things in my garden every year. I believe my love for gardening began when I was a little boy, helping her take care of her vegetable and flower plots and spending summers just pottering around with her outdoors. I adore the sensation of getting dirt under my fingernails and, of course, of seeing vegetables and beautiful flowers grow from the tiniest of seeds. My grandmother taught me a great deal about gardening and about life during those long, hot summers. One of the most important things I remember her teaching me, though, was that each and every good gardener really needed a backyard shed.

I thought that this advice regarding the humble garden shed was a bit odd in the beginning and I would often question my grandmother asking why she thought this was the case. A backyard shed? Sure, they are great, but can one really be needed by every gardener, surely not? That was my question to my grandma.

She answered my questions concerning the actual need for a wooden shed in the most magical and memorable way. She walked me over to her garden shed and ushered me inside. Once inside, she began explaining all the various tools, seeds and fertilizers which she had in her potting shed. I was very amazed at everything my granny had in that shed, I can tell you! It was really well organized and she seemed to have a reason for every single item she had in there. She said that if they have a garden shed full of everything they need, that most gardeners will simply take  more pride in their own gardens. I have since become convinced that my grandmother’s words are true about owning a garden shed and, whats more, the more I have gotten into gardening, the more I have seen the fact that it requires a whole shedload (literally!) of things and tools to create a successful garden. I have also become convinced that my backyard shed is the best place to store everything for my own garden. Each year it feels like I grow my garden a little bit bigger and my garden shed gets a little more crammed with all the right products and tools for each of my new attempts.

So if you’re of if you’re thinking about starting a garden for the first time a gardener, then I suggest you invest in a garden shed. If its good enough for my grandma, its good enough for anyone.

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